Brookeallison Elisabeth Kaufman

                  Then                                     Now


Born May 18th, 1989 to Lee & Jeanne Kaufman

I am Currently Attending

Fairleigh Dickinson University as a freshman




My most favorite websites

Final Exam



FDU Webmail



one thing is for sure, you are worth living for.


my heart   my soul   my home   my sisters  <3   the loves of my life & girls ill never forget     the crazy loving girl I'd gladly give my life for



the boy who stole my heart =)



All the places I have tattoos & What the tattoos are of..

1- Center of my Back ~ Angel Wings 3- My lower stomach ~ A quote 5- Right Wrist ~ Love in Hebrew 7 -Right Lower Back ~ Sacred Heart
2- Inside my left arm ~ Three Stars 4- Left Foot ~ All You Need Is Love 6- Left Rib Cage ~The Worlds Definition 8- Next To Come~ Right Rib Cage