The following geology courses have been taught, are running, or are planned for the near future at the Florham-Madison Campus of FDU:

  • Summer 1997
  • Fall 1997
  • Spring 1998
  • Spring 1999
    • GEOL 1102 History of the Earth
  • Summer 1999
    • Planet Earth pictures from field trip (coming soon)
  • Fall 1999
    • GEOL 1101 Introductory Geology


There is also a Weather & Climate course offered at the Florham-Madison Campus.
Tell me about it!

At Rutgers:

The following course will be taught at Rutgers University, Newark

  • Summer 2000 (tentative)
    • 62:460:313 Invertebrate Paleontology

Major in Geology?

Since 31 Jan 1985 there has been no geology major program at Fairleigh Dickinson University.
There are major programs available at several New Jersey colleges and universities, including nearby Rutgers Newark. Also, Princeton.


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