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           450 50th Street NY,NY10034(212)561-3042...........Since 2004, honoring the best of Spain



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Serrat Restaurant is a casual restaurant where you can enjoy the exquisites of international cuisine, specifically Spanish food. With a bohemian style, Serrat Restaurant makes honor to the Spanish culture focusing on its music Flamenco as its main theme. From wall to wall you can travel direct to Spain, just by introducing yourself into the music and ambient of the place. Serrat Restaurant offers a different environment for people of all ages who want to taste a different type of food. Moreover, we have an extent chart with the best Spanish wines, to complement the food. Serrat Restaurant has a capacity that can hold up to 30 tables on its dining area and the bar available. You can also enjoy dancing and singing performances on marked days at night, which you can watch while having dinner.

 Serrat is the perfect place to go in lunch breaks at work and for social dinners at night.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays.