It's me Cheng-Hua Chen.
     This my military police picture which I serviced. The left site of my breast are
R.O.C national flag and my military ID plate. The right side of my breast is
mark of parachuter in R.O.C. I was MP of parachuter and I had five times
parachute experience. That was lots of fun during parachuting. This also is my
best picture in my life so far. Otherwise just....... You can see others below, those
are not so good. So bad I think. Some of them I can't believe that's me. However,
I am proud of Parachute MP.

In Virginia

The New York International Autoshow with VOLVO C70

In New York International Autoshow with BMW K1100.

       The above was my first car(1990 Madza 626 LX) in my life. The accident was
happened on July 24th 1997. The guy drive the Ford sport car and pass crossroads,
he didn't pay attention to that his side has stop sign. Then directly hit my driver
side(actually driver door). I am lucky that I just hurt a little by broken glass on my face.

     Don't think she is my daughter!! Absolutely not, she is my ex-roommate's
daughter. I am her father-in-friend!! Can I say this way?? Kind of her father,
but not real one. Her name is Jessie Liao. She is cute and full energy!!
Moreover, she very like dance. When she list the music, she dance right away.


The above are my wedding picture. I would like share with you........