Christina Huergo

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Results
  4. Disscution
  5. Conclusions
There once was agirl names Alexa who was the best person in the land. Or so she thought, she likes her computers class and her cool friends Chrisitna bc she is the best. They liked to eat food and go shopping online, while petting their many cats. One day they were no longer friends because Alexa thought.

Alexa is from New York and lives in the city. She has fourteen sisters and one brother who plays soccer. All of the girls are on the
student council and love it so much except Alexa she does not do anything. Her mom and Dad are from Canada like Justin Beiber and like his music. Chrisitna is from New York also.

The results from Alexa are that she goes to FDU and is a freshamn she likes the school but she commutes so she doesnt get to hangout with Christina because she has to take care of her cats.