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Hey I hope you enjoy looking through my web page. I'll give you a little information about my background. I'm a sophomore in college and my major is in biology. I enjoy reading, running and learning new things. I enjoying going out with my boyfriend and friends and having a good time. I love spening time with my boyfriend because he makes me feel special. I come from an Ecuadorian family, since both my parents were born in Ecuador. I have a younger brother who I love so much. He has grown up to be such a great lil guy. I also enjoy traveling to new places. I have been able to travel to Italy, Ecuador, Florida, Vrigina and hope to visit Puerto Rico this year. I also want to thank my parents for all that they have done for me. They have always pushed me to go for my dreams and achieve them. they tell me that even if things get tough to keep going. Well in the closing of this page I just want to let my family,best friends, Seema,Kasia, and my boyfriend Mike that I love them. I also want to thank my mom, dad and bro for always supporting me in anything I chose to do. Muahzzz!