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This Microsoft Excel© template, ATDR-II, was created to aid evaluators who utilize the Cross Battery Assessment approach in their testing.    John Willis and I have created this template in cooperation with the authors of the ATDR-II (The Achievement Test Desk Reference, Second Edition (ATDR-II): A Guide to Learning Disability Identification (Flanagan, Ortiz, Alfonso, & Mascolo, 2006)), however:

This file is copyright 2006, Wiley and Sons, New York. Permission has been granted to make the file available for download from this website. Wiley retains all rights and protections pertaining to the file and its use.

The classifications listed in this template are Copyright © 1998, 2000, 2001, and 2004 Allyn & Bacon and Wiley Press and are used with permission from the authors. They are adapted from the following sources:

On all sheets, use the tab key to move throughout the template.  Only cells that require input can be accessed.  The entire template is protected to prevent the over-writing of any formulae.   Once the required data are entered, use the scroll keys to navigate within a template or the tabs at the bottom of the templates to move between the templates.

The input pages list (sub)tests by their respective CHC groupings (both broad and narrow abilities).  Examiners input the obtained score, in the original test metric, and the template converts the scores to the common metric of M = 100, SD = 15. (see below)

The Results page placing the scores according to the CHC Clusters Broad and Narrow abilities.

Finally, the Profiles page plots the results against a Normal Curve.

Todownload the template press here.

Please send me an email if you download the template. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please do not distribute the template to anyone else.