Northern New Jersey

Englewood Ridgewood Newark

The City of Englewood is a great destination for all!
With a wide variety of restaurants, shopping, and
entertainment, everyone is sure to enjoy
their visit here. Click on the picture of Englewood
to find dining, shopping,and entertainment for
your trip.
Ridgewood is a beautiful suburbian area with a
plethora of small shoppes and cafes, giving you
lots of choices for what you want to do.
Explore Ridgewood by clicking on the
picture above to get more information on
the restaurants, shopping, and entertainment
in Ridgewood.
Newark is New Jersey's largest city, so if you
are looking for more lively destination with an
urban feel, Newark is the place for you. With many
local attractions and rich history,
your vacation to Newark will be memorable.
Click on the picture of Newark to get
more information about the restaurant, shopping,
and enteraintment in this city.

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