Introduction to Computers

This page is a link to the other pages that make up the information needed for the course.
Page 1-Connect tells how to connect to both the FDU Novell and Alpha accounts
Page 2-Account Info tells how to open an Alpha account for the first time.
Page 3-Telnet and Archie tells how to establish a telnet connection and how to make an Archie search.
Page 4 - FTP tells how to use the information gotten from an Archie search and how to download a file from a remote server.
Page 5 - Unzipping tells how to create a directory, move a zipped file into it and unzip the file so it can be used.
Page 6 - Opening a Web tells how to create a web page on the Alpha system.
Page 7 - Working on your page tells how to work on your page.

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