Intro to Computers MIS 135

Prof Dyrek

These notes and others you will receive are written primarily to be used in Room 207 of EWC. Adjustments will have to be made if you are in one of the other Computer Labs on campus.

Notes on FTP

Directions will be in this typeface and the things you are to type in will be this typeface. Remember to push the 'Enter" key (sometimes identified with the following symbol [ ] ).

Part I Connecting

Step 1) Connect to the alpha.

Step 2) Type,

ftp {hostname}

Replace {hostname} with the Host you got using archie.

Step 3) When you are connected, you will be asked to log in. Type,


Step 4) Next you will be asked for a password. Type,

Be sure to replace the four # signs with the numbers of your account number.


Notes on FTP

Part II Getting the file

Step 5) Once you are connected, use the following commands to find your location and to move along the Path you got using archie.


print working directory tells you where you are on the path you got from archie


list tells you what directories, sub-directories and /or files are where you are. Then you pick the next one on your path you got from archie

cd {directoryname}

change directory moves you from one directory or sub-directory to another

Step 6) When you are in the sub-directory that contains the file you want and you have confirmed that the file is there using the ls command, type

hash [enter]

binary [enter]

get {filename} [enter]

Replace {filename} with the name of the file you want to get.

You will see a bunch of number signs (#) going across the screen.

Step 6) When the transfer is complete, type


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