Intro to Computers MIS 135

Prof. Dyrek

Directions will be in this typeface and the things you are to type in will be this typeface. Remember to push the 'Enter" key sometimes identified with the following symbol [ ]

General Notes on Opening your Alpha Account

You should have a piece of paper that list the Account Owner (me) the email address (rs13####), the user name (your name on the Internet) and a password. Also notice this account will expire at the end of the semester.

The password is "case sensitive", this means an 'a' is different from an 'A'. You must match the password EXACTLY.

Logging On to the Alpha for the first time

Step 1) Turn on the computer and the monitor.

Step 2) At the login screen type,

Student, followed by enter twice.

Step 3) Click on the icon marked Ewan.

Step 4) Use enter to accept Alpha

Step 5) At the login request, type your user name.

Step 6) At the password prompt, type the password as it appears on the paper.

Step 7) You will be logged in and told your password has expired.

You will be asked to re-enter your original password. type the password again exactly as it appears on the paper.

Step 8) You will be asked for a new password. The new password cannot be any part of your name. It cannot be a word. It must include some non-letters. Before you enter an attempt , write it down. If the computer accepts the password you will have to re-enter it. Once you have a new acceptable password, MEMORIZE IT. You can also write it down and put it some place where you will find it again.

When things don't work, START OVER !

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