MIS 135 Prof. Dyrek

Connecting to Networks

Turning on the Computer

  1. Turn on machine by pushing top button in the middle of the CPU.
  2. Push the button on the right side of the monitor.
  3. Connecting to the FDU Network

  4. When the logon screen appears, you must log on to the FDU network by typing
  5. student

    (you will have to push the enter key at least once and maybe twice)

  6. You are now connect to the network and the icons on the desktop should be live.
  7. Connecting to the Alpha

  8. Click on the icon marked Ewan
  9. If "alpha" is highlighted, press Enter. If "alpha" is not highlighted, click on alpha and then press Enter.
  10. When you see the login prompt, type your username (md1350##)
  11. When you see the password prompt, type your password.
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