Intro to Computers MIS 135

Prof. Dyrek

These notes and others you will receive are written primarily to be used in Room 207 of EWC. Adjustments will have to be made if you are in one of the other Computer Labs on campus.

Notes on Telnet and Archie

Directions will be in this typeface and the things you are to type in will be this typeface. Remember to push the 'Enter" key (sometimes identified with the following symbol [ ] ).

Directions to connect to an Archie Server via Telnet

Step 1) Connect to the alpha.

Step 2) To connect to an Archie Server site, you must use Telnet, type


Step 3) If you get connected, you will be told what to type to exit archie. Make a note of this command. (It is on the final.)

Step 4) At BOTH the login and the password prompts, type


Step 5) To begin an archie search, type

prog {filename}

Be sure you replace {filename} with the name of the file you are looking for.

Step 6) Archie will list one or more Hosts (sites that have the file) and Paths (directories and sub-directories that lead to the file). Make sure you write down a Host and Path exactly as it appears.

Step 7) After you have gotten the Host and Path disconnect from archie with the command you wrote down in Step 2.

Step 8) Exit from telnet, type


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