MIS 135 Prof. Dyrek

Working with Zipped Files

Turning on the Computer

  1. Turn on machine by pushing top button in the middle of the CPU.
  2. Push the button on the right side of the monitor.
  3. Connecting to the FDU Network

  4. When the logon screen appears, you must log on to the FDU network by typing student
  5. (you will have to push the enter key at least once and maybe twice)

  6. You are now connect to the network and the icons on the desktop should be live.
  7. Creating A New Directory

  8. Click on Start | Windows Explorer
  9. In the left hand panel, click on C:\
  10. In the top Bar, click on File | New -> Folder
  11. Name the new folder "yourname"
  12. Moving Files to the New Folder

  13. Put your disk in the A:\ Drive
  14. In the Windows Explorer, click on A:\
  15. Click on Edit | Select All
  16. Drag highlighted files from right side panel to "yourname" on the left side panel
  17. Double click on "yourname"
  18. Double click on the zip file. If more than one, double click on each.
  19. Cleaning Up

  20. Highlight each zip file and "Delete" until the zipped files are gone
  21. Click on Edit | Select All
  22. Drag all the files from the "yourname" directory in the right panel to the A:\ Drive in the left panel
  23. Highlight the "yourname" directory in the left panel
  24. Delete "yourname"
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