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Welcome!  This is my webpage on the Fairleigh Dickinson alpha account.  It's still under construction. :)  You'll notice the layout mimics the layout of my other website.

I am a creative writing major at FDU and I want to be a writer when I get out of college, or I want to go into the publishing industry.  I also like to fence, read, and design websites.  This June I will be participating in a contest/event called "Script Frenzy", in which all the participants try to write a 20,000 word screenplay within ONLY the month of June (we can plan before June, but we can't start writing until June 1, and we want to finish by June 30, midnight).

However, the most important event I went to recently was Displace Me.

Displace Me

On Saturday, April 28, thousands of people across the nation migrated to one of 15 cities holding the unique event Displace Me.  The premise of this event was to simulate the displacement of the 1.5 million people of Northern Uganda.  A rebellion, the Lord's Resistance Army was responsible for violence and terror throughout the country, as they even attacked civilians.  In an effort to protect it's people, the Uganda government gave its citizens 48 hours to relocate into a displacement camp.  However, the camps hold horrible conditions, and the people live in extreme poverty.  Women walk 2 miles to get water and carry it back, balancing it on their heads.  They must get enough water for their family, to drink, to use to cook, and to bathe in.  Meanwhile, the men, whose main occupation is farming, struggle to find good land to grow crops on.  The poor people can't buy any land, so how will their families eat?

Displace Me was organized in order to raise awareness of these horrible conditions.  To simulate them, they chose only 15 cities across the nation to mimic the long distance Ugandans had to travel, carrying all their belongings, to find safety.  We brought cardboard to make tents out of.  My friend Allison and I each carried what felt like a huge piece of cardboard, as we toted it along the subway, the streets of NY, and the train to Croton Park (an hour outside NYC).  When we got there, we realized how little it would actually cover.  Eventually we set up our overnight dwelling: it only covered our heads.  We'd be sleeping under the stars -- or, as it turned out, under the clouds.  It rained.

During the evening, they played several videos, projected on a huge screen.  Bobby Bailey, who lived in a Ugandan displacement camp for two weeks facing the same conditions they did (he brought no luxuries from home), told us a few of his experiences - like how he joined them in their feast, their celebratory dinner: rat.

They explained how we would be getting our food using their projected videos.  Beforehand they had told us to bring a box of saltines and a 1.5 L bottle of water, which were collected upon entry.  To mimic the life of men and women, they handed these out around 8:00.  The catch?  Only women could collect water, only men could collect saltines.


Stay tuned for more updates to my website!