The Happy Croissant Company


Four years ago, a group of 4 young students from the Business school at FDU took a MIS class together that would transform their lives forever. Little did they know that the business website project that they created just as part of a graded assignment would instill in them the drive to take the initiative beyond the class and materialize it into a successful business that became known as the HAPPY CROISSANT COMPANY. Since the opening of our first location in Madison, NJ on September 24th 2009, we have striven to bring to our customers the finest bakery treats and the highest customer service .The high value we had put on our customer service had paid off. Less than a year later we opened up a new restaurant in Edgewater, NJ hoping to mirror our success at Madison, NJ. Our success followed us from our previous location. We further diversified our product line and added one more location in New York City two years later. We became what we are because of our loyal customers. The HAPPY CROISSANT COMPANY , a company you can taste....
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