Comic Books

bullet Comic books hold a special place in my heart
bullet Because I was pretty standoffish in school and I was the eldest child, I turned to these fictional heroes for guidance and an example to live by.  To me, they were very real.
bullet Some of my favorite heroes are Spider-Man from Marvel Comics and Batman and Superman from DC Comics




"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

bullet Also known as the Web-Slinger, Web-Head, Wall-Crawler, or just Spidey
bullet My all-time favorite hero in the Marvel Universe
bullet Once he was just Peter Parker: a nerdy bookworm who'd always be picked on by his peers, much like me.
bullet During a lab experiment, he was bitten by a radioactive spider, which gave him super strength, the ability to climb walls, sense danger, and leap around like an acrobat.  He had to make the webs himself, but that was no problem since he was brilliant in science.
bullet Even though he had this power, he still got picked on by his peers.  He knew that if he used his powers, he'd hurt someone really bad.  As his Uncle Ben said, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", a lesson that Peter learned the hard way.
bullet Along with using his brains to outsmart bad guys, he also makes wise-cracks to infuriate his enemy.  As he said when he first met Mysterio, "Okay, I'll bite.  How DID you get the fishbowl stuck on your head?"
bullet Even though I don't have the powers of Spider-Man, I still have my own strength.  And with that strength, I must use it wisely or I'll hurt someone, or worse.



"Criminals: Superstitious, Cowardly, And Monumentally Stupid"

bullet Also known as The Dark Knight
bullet At eight years old, young Bruce Wayne lost his parents to a mugger who shot them both dead.  He traveled the world to become the greatest at everything, learning all the fighting styles, all skills of acrobatics and escape, and becoming wise in the ways of science and forensics.
bullet He hunts the criminals of Gotham City from the petty crooks to the sadistic supervillains.
bullet His dark, brooding mood always puts the fear into the bad guys, even if they don't admit it verbally, their pants will tell a different tale
bullet With no powers, he relies heavily on gadgets, vehicles, and his own mind to take down the criminals.  He will never use a gun that fires bullets; guns are what killed his parents.
bullet Mostly a loner, he's known to take in teenage sidekicks like Robin and Batgirl.
bullet Batman shows us that you can be a superhero without powers; it's just harder, and more of a challenge.



"Truth, Justice, And The American Way"

bullet Also known as the Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow, or the Big Blue Boyscout
bullet Probably one of the oldest, well known heroes of all time (Eat THAT, Beowulf!)
bullet Sent to Earth from the dying planet Krypton, Kal-El was adopted by a farm couple in Kansas, naming him Clark.
bullet As he grew, Clark learned of his powers as they developed and learned how to use them for good purposes.
bullet Such powers include strength, speed, flight, heat vision, X-ray vision, bulletproof skin, and ice breath.
bullet The only thing that could possibly harm Superman is Kryptonite, glowing stones from Krypton that come in different colors and effects.  The most common is the green Kryptonite, which can weaken Superman and, if exposed to it long enough, could very well kill him.
bullet His enemies list ranges from common humans to intergalactic dictators.  Doomsday is the only creature to have bragging rights of actually killing Superman (even though Superman came back from the dead).

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