bullet Writing is another love of mine
bullet Whenever I've got an emotion burning inside of me, or a very good idea, I write it down to form a story either expressing said emotion or idea.
bullet I try to write my own stories, but I also find interest in fan fiction.
bullet Fan fiction is like role playing as a writer for a show.  You take an existing TV show, comic book, or whatever, and write your own story.  You can make it as true to the actual story as you want, or just unleash pure chaos.  You know full well you don't own anything from what you wrote in the fan fiction, unless they're your own words or if you put in an original character, and you tell your reader this at the beginning of your story.
bullet I was so intrigued by the show 'Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?', I decided to write my own stories based on what I saw.  Sure they all came out the same, but that's what it was like on the show.
bullet Writer's block will kill you, folks.  I've got several stories that still don't have endings, and I keep belting out new stories all the time.
bullet Someday, I'll make it a point to finish these stories once and for all.

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