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Guy Gaetan Ndomo

Welcome to the World of Dream

My name is Guy Gaetan Ndomo, I am an experienced professionnel with interest in Global Business and Management. Highly motivated, I desire to achieve a personal goal of being up to date with business innovation and apply this knowledge to the globalization.

Currently, I am a Fairleigh Dickinson University student in the process of completing my MBA in Global Management. I will graduate in July 2007. I hold a Bachelor Degree in French Private Law (Licence en Droit, option Droit Prive Francophone) of University of Yaounde 2 in Cameroon, and a Post Graduate Diploma ( Diplome D’etudes Professionelles Approfondies) in Marketing and Management of School of Business and Economics of Douala, which is one of the premier business institution in Africa.

My US experience includes, being a managing partner at Fantcho Financial Services. In addition, I was employed as Sales and Marketing Consultant in furniture company where I worked in cooperation with financial institutions such as HSBC and Tidewater.

In Cameroon, as a Project Manager at Guinness Cameroon, I was in charge of Market Research and Consumer Behavior; I also executed an analysis of Shell Cameroon’s image in the oil industry and a Comparative study of Coca-Cola to other Soft Drinks in Cameroon, just to name few.

I am an independent entrepreneur in partnership with http://www.5linx.net/L239763. Please browse this site for oppurtunities.

In addition of my native language, I am familiar with five other languages such as English, French, German and Spanish.

My resume contains additional information. Contact me at ndoguy@hotmail.com

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