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The public is demanding better options for acne therapy. This is due to the emotional and physical turmoil that acne causes when it canít be controlled by traditional therapies and the concern that patients have about the side effects and complications of existing therapies such as Accutane. There are a variety of laser and light sources we use to treat acne. Treatment recommendations are based on type of acne, skin type and whether scars are present. Great results are met with excitement and relief.

About Acne Vulgaris

  • Very common - Affects 80% of population - Almost every person experiences acne
  • Most common reason to visit dermatologist
  • Long-term scarring if not treated
  • Devastating emotional / psychological effects
  • Onset is tied to maturity (puberty)
  • Sebaceous Follicle

  • Oil-producing glands
  • High concentration
  • face, upper chest, back and shoulders
  • Structure

  • Large, multilobe sebaceous glands
  • Tiny, vellus hair
  • How Acne Forms

  • Hormonal change - increase gland size and sebum output
  • Abnormal desquamation process - shedding of dead cells
  • Sticky plug blocks opening
  • Bacteria (P. acnes) - thrive on sebum and proliferate
  • Summary

  • Safe and effective for acne on the back
  • 98% reduction in lesions
  • Reduction in lesions seen after 1st treatment
  • Smoothbeam - multiple applications (Wrinkles)
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