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Having My Say

"This Is a School" Presidential Scholars Address, April 12, 1991.
"The Great Escape" Honors Banquet, Spring, 2002.
"I Have Traveled Much in Concord." University Faculty Convocation, Fall, 2002.


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Assistant Editor, Review for Religious, 1958-62. A theological journal published by the Divinity School of St. Louis University.
Editorial Consultant, Department of Ministries of the National Council of Churches, 1970.
Founding Editor, IDOC-North America English-language edition of IDOC-International, a journal sponsored by the World Council of Churches and by IDOC (International Documentation on the Contemporary Church), Rome, 1970-71.
Editor, Literary Criticism Series, "National University Publications," Kennikat Press, 1972-78.
Literary Editor, Worldview, 1980-85. A monthly publication of the Council on Religion and International Affairs (Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs).
Founding Editor, CRIA Newsletter, 1984-85.
Editor, The Core Review, 1989-1994.
Editor, The Literary Review, January 1999


"Constructing the Sacred at Walden and Tinker Creek," read at MLA meeting, December, 1985; later published as "Science and the Sacred" in Thought.
"Mortality and Rootedness in Washington Irving's Sketchbook," faculty seminar, April 1, 1987.
"Stephen Jay Gould: The Rhetoric and Poetic of Science," paper delivered at the first meeting of the Society for Literature and Science at Worcester, Mass., October, 1987.
"Core Curriculum Development," with Geoffrey Weinman, Chris Devine, Leonard Grob, delivered at "General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Conference," annual conference of the Community College General Education Association, April, 1989.
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"Ethics and Interdisciplinary Teaching," Association of American Colleges National Conference, Washington DC, January, 1991.
"The FDU Core and Internationalizing the Curriculum," Internationalizing the Curriculum Conference, Kean College, February 28, 1992.
"Ethics and General Education," Merrill House Conference on "Moral Education in the United States and Japan: Topics in Ethics and International Affairs," November 10-11, 1992.
"Interdisciplinary General Education and the Teaching of Ethics," Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs Summer Faculty Institute: "Teaching Ethics and International Affairs," University of Virginia, June 6-July 15, 1994.
"Wordsworth," "Willa Cather," "The Sermon on the Mount," workshops for core faculty.
"The Fairleigh Dickinson University Core Curriculum," to the Faculty of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, February 17, 1998.
"The Alligator is the Crown of Creation," Teacher-of-the-year lecture, Spring, 1998.