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Once again, the everyday use of the term relaxation is confusing.
Some people relax by getting into a hot tub,
yet this only relaxes muscles while raising heart rate and blood pressure in the body’s effort to rid itself of excess heat.
Others, relax while jogging, with all systems pumping away. But, to these individuals, relaxation is a mental state akin to meditation.
From a physiological point of view, relaxation is simply the absence of the stress response.
It means physical calmness, not mental bliss. As stress is not worry, fear or depression, relaxation is not the absence of any of these.
Like stress, relaxation refers to a physical, not a psychological state. For instance, one can be quite relaxed, yet worried at the same time.

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Nuclear Medicine
When we hear the word nuclear,
our first thoughts are related to nuclear power,
bombs and other type of weapons of mass destruction.
But that is not always the case.
In 1896 Henry Becquerel discovered the mysterious rays produced by uranium,
and in 1897 Marie Curie named these rays radioactivity.
Over the next hundred plus years Nuclear medicine began to be more readily used and developed after World War II.
Now, Nuclear medicine has evolved into one of the most advanced and accurate treatments and diagnosis procedures available.
Nuclear Medicine is used for:
  1. Diagnose Health Related Diseases
  2. Treat Cancer
  3. To Provide a Better understanding of the Human Body

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