This is my first homepage, Welcome. On this page you can learn a lot about me.

I am a very outgoing yet shy person. I take my education very seriously and I expect to become very successful.I want a lot out of my life. I want to travel the world and see things that I have never expected to see.

In the future I want to open my own resort in a tropical area, preferably an island.

I have worked in many different places, mostly dealing with the food industry.

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A Few of my websites:

Is the University I attend

is my favorite website

This is my friend Anthony's homepage

Some of my hobbies include:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Dancing
  • Traveling

Some of my favorite foods are:

  1. Pirogis
  2. Pizza
  3. Alfredo Pasta
My class Schedule for next semester:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Finance II Human Motivation and Behavior Finance II Junior Business Forum
The American Experience Production Management