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Physical Personality
eyes: dark brown creative
hair: brown/blonde/orange(s) initelligent
height: 5'8" outgoing

Me In A nUtShElL

As you can see, my full name is Marquita Ebony Jones. I am African American and part Native American (Cherokee). I was born on June 20, 1987 and so that makes me a Gemini. I love to have fun and be as creative as I can be. I'm also full of energy. I aspire to be a very prominent fashion designer and one day have the hottest celebrities and even "everyday people" wearing my designs. That is my biggest dream and one day, it will come true. My best friend's name is Nykoal West and we both have the same favorite number, six. Now, that you know a little about me, have fun visiting my website and getting to know me better!

WhAt RePrEsEnTs Me ThE bEsT??

In my opinion, I believe that a butterfly best represents the kind of person that I am. A butterfly is beautiful, bright, animated, free in spirit, eye-catching, and very independent. I know that I am a very beautiful person inside and out. I consider myself to be very bright person in the intelligent sense. I also believe that I am a very fun loving and free-spirited kind of person with an outgoing personality.

ThInGs ThAt I lIkE...

There are many things that I enjoy doing such as going out to eat, watching movies, swimming, singing, shopping, dancing, drawing, cheering, designing, being creative, dressing up others, helping people solve their problems, listening to music, partying, being with people who make me laugh, making others laugh, talking, sitting next to waterfalls, waking up to fall mornings, having fun on a summer day, and just about anything else that involves having lots of fun!!

ThInGs ThAt I lIkE iN pEoPlE...

WhAt I pLaN tO dO wItH mY fUtUrE??

  1. Graduate from college with my BA
  2. Attend design school and work for a designer part time
  3. Get my bachelor's for design
  4. Work full time for a designer until I have enough skills to start my own business
  5. Take out a loan if I need more money to start my own fashion line
  6. Make my designs international and popular
  7. Make plenty of money doing something that I have a passion for (designing clothing and accessories)
  8. Buy a house or two and a nice sports car

    1. Other Websites

      favorite stores:Forever21 and WetSEAL
      favorite website:
      my friend johnny's website: Johnny BlAzE 
      FDU's website: ViSiT FDU!

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