I am a Growing Leader

Experience in the BIG EVENT

I am part of the Christian Fellowship in Fairleigh Dickinson University. I attended the BiG Event on October 2006 and the guest speaker was Dr. Tim Elmore. He spoke so passionately about how God wants all of us to be leaders because we are created in His image. That means we can learn to motivate and encourage ourselves to be better and better each day. We have decisions to make in life and one of them for myself is to become a leader for myself first and learn how to lead others.

This image will take you to the Website of Growing Leaders so you can learn how to be a leader to yourself and others:

I really enjoyed the BIG Event because I surrounded myself with people that love the Lord and want to lead students to become a leader. I met students from a couple of universities and colleges in New Jersey and New York. This event is held every Fall semester and anyone is welcome.

This is Dr. Tim Elmore:

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