Maire Shaughnessy

Hello! My name is Maire Shaughnessy and I'm a freshman at FDU. I am a softball player here and love all sports in general.I plan to major in Biology with the idea of going into Pre-Med. I really enjoy surgery, so thats what I'm thinking. I come from a small town in Virginia called Culpeper. I live next to a buffalo farm. Thats the type of area it is :) . Despite the fact that I come from Virginia, my dads side of the family is orginally from New York. So, I love all New York sports teams especially the Yankees and the Giants :) . I LOVE Derek Jeter, he is absolutely amazing and my favorite Giant is Eli Manning :)

  • My Hometown :)
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  • FDU Softball
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  • My Best Friends :)
  • This is a link to a page with me and my best friends A picture of Virginia :) where I live ,Me :), (below)
    My best friend Kita and Me :)