Britney Spears within 10 years


       1999 January- Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are dating
              Her first single and music video was out "baby one more time"
April -1st rolling stone cover

September - Britney attends her1st MTV Music Awards

She sold more than 10 million albums


May- Britney's second album "Oops!... I did it again" album is released

1.3 million sold 1st week

September- Britney attends MTV's VMA's, she surprises everyone by stripping down in a flesh colored body suit during her performance


January- Britney performed at the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXV (alongside 'NSync and Aerosmith in Tampa, Florida)

July- Spears acted as Grand Marshal during the NASCAR Winston Cup Pepsi 400 at the Daytona Speedway in Florida

September- She attends MTV Video Music Awards performance, where she went on stage nearly naked, and performed with a giant albino python

November-  Britney's third album is released "Britney"


January- Britney and Justin break up and she begins a social party life (She was seen partying in many night clubs with different celebrities.)

Britney stars in her first movie role, "Crossroads" 


August-  Britney and Christina Aguilera teamed up with  "Me Against the Music" collaborator Madonna onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards.  They performed and ended with the surprising and infamous kiss.          

November- Britney took the stage at the 31st Annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles

November- She releases her next album "In the zone"

November- Britney received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on


January- Britney and childhood friend, Jason Alexander, spontaneously took a lime-green limo to Vegas' Little White Chapel and got married (lawyers immediately worked on an annulment)

Britney met dancer Kevin Federline, and she asks him to join her onyx tour

Britney and her new boyfriend, Kevin, filmed themselves obsessively with video cameras, generating the footage that would later become their reality show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic while on tour.

June- Britney suffered a knee injury during the shoot for her "Outrageous" video and underwent surgery in New York. She had to cancel her remaining tour dates, and Jive announced that her doctors had ordered the star to undergo four months of rest.

September- Britney and Kevin get married

November- She released a greatest hits album

December- Britney announced that she was taking a break


May- The show "Chaotic" debuts on UPN (but was canceled after the 6th show)

Britney's 1st son Sean Preston was born


May- As the public increasingly scrutinized her mothering abilities, Spears lost her grip on Sean Preston after emerging from the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York, luckily her body guard was there to help her.  

June- Britney had an emotional and candid interview with NBC's Matt Lauer on Dateline

September- Britney's second son, Jayden James,  was born

November- She informed Federline she wanted a divorce via text message.

Britney began going out to enjoy her freedom and partied with many celebrities (including Paris Hilton)


Febuary- Britney left her home in anger and drove around until she found a random hair salon, where she grabbed a pair of clippers and shaved her head bare.

February- Britney checked into the Promises rehab center, but the next day she took out her rage at the paparazzi by attacking a photographer's car with an umbrella

Britney started to record "Black out"

September- Britney opened MTV VMA's  with "Gimme More"

October- "Black out" was released

October- Britney lost custody of her children to ex-husband Kevin Federline after months of public partying


January- Britney refused to relinquish Jayden James and locked herself in a bathroom with her young son, police and ambulance took her to the hospital for observation

January- Britney began spending more time with her new paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and manager Sam Lutfi (Many people including friends and family were not happy about their relationship)

January- Britney was forcibly hospitalized again at UCLA Medical Center and her parents went to court to wrestle control of her affairs from Lutfi, who they claim drugged and confused the star. )Despite speculation that Spears suffers from bipolar disorder or hysteria)

February- Britney's father, Jamie, was granted a temporary conservatorship (he assumed control of all his daughter's affairs including her medical treatment and finances)

March- Britney got back to work on the small screen. She guest starred as a receptionist at a doctor's office on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Britney opened up to OK! magazine about getting back in the studio to record a new album, calling her music "my best work ever."

She began appearing in commercials for MTV's Video Music Awards alongside its host, Russell Brand.

September- Britney attended MTV's Video Music Awards, (She didn't perform)  She appeared onstage several times to accept her first-ever Moonmen, wins for her "Piece of Me" video.

September- Britney's single "Womanizer" hit the radio, and only four days later she told a New York radio DJ to expect a world tour in 2009.

October- A California court awarded Jamie Spears permanent legal control over Britney and her affairs.

December- "Circus" was released , She made an appearance on Good Morning America live from the Big Apple Circus.

December- MTV premiered a Britney Spears documentary


March- Britney's "Circus" tour begins

Britney begins dating her agent Jason Trawick

Sept New Song "3" goes to radio

November- "Singles Collection" will be released, featuring her new single "3"



                                                                                          Created by Eugenia Katsigeorgis