The man dies in him who keeps silent in the face of tyranny (Wole Soyinka).

Admirons les grands maitres, ne les imitons pas (V. Hugo).

L'experience de chacun est le tresor de tous (G. de Nerval)

La liberte est le droit de faire tout ce que les lois permettent (Montesquieu)



Bamidele A. Ojo .PhD

Professor of Political Science & International Studies

African Studies Program

School of Political & International Studies


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This world is far , wide and beautiful but nothing is more beautiful than a man's own world

News On  Bamidele A. Ojo:

The Professor of Political Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Fulbright Senior Specialist (CIES) and

1) Faculty & Academic Excellence, 2008(FDU Black History Month/ Student Government) 2) Faculty &Academic Excellence,2007(FDU Black History Month Committee/Student Government) 3) Fulbright Senior Specialist (5 year Roster)(2005-2010) 4) Global Learning Grant to attend Hawaii International Education Conference (2005).Member, Board of the Nigerian Institute For Trypanosomiassi Research(Federal Ministry of Science & Technology) by Nigerian President Yar Adua (05/09)

Served as the Chairman of Michael Imodu National Institute For Labor Studies. A federal agency in the Ministry of Employment, Labor & Productivity, in Nigeria(2005-2006). He also contested the 2006 governorship primary of the PDP in Ekiti state, Nigeria. The run-off between him and another candidate was annulled by former President Obasanjo and his replacement candidate was elected Ekiti State governor..
campaign billboardChairman Ojo and Minister of labor at a public function
Ojo's campaign billboard in Ekiti and as Chairman(Michael Imodu National Institute For Labor Studies)with Dr Lawal- Nigerian Minister of labor at  an official function

Latest publication:

“Transformative Online Education & Social Equality: The Prospects for E-Governance and Democracy in Africa, a chapter in Gulsun KURUBACAK and Volkan YUZER(editors)(2011) Handbook of Research on Transformative Online Education and Liberation: Models for Social Equality (Hershey, PA:IGI Global Publ.)


“Marketing E-Learning and Challenges Facing Distance Education in Africa”, in Ugur Demiray & Serdar Server(2011),Marketing Online Education Programs: Framework for Promotion and Communication(Hershey,PA: IGI Global Publ.)


Obama and Africa: Understanding the Framework for President Obama’s Foreign Policy in Africa”

African Renaissance, Vol. 7, Number 1 (2010)


"Appointed a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Handbook of Research on Transformative Online Education and Liberation: Models for Social Equality

“E-LEARNING AND THE GLOBAL DIVIDE: The Challenges Facing Distance Education in Africa, The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education (TOJDE),July 2009. Volume: 10 Number: 3 (pages 68-79)

“Marketing E-Learning and The Challenges Facing Distance Education In Africa” A Chapter in, Challenges Facing Marketing In Distance and Online Environment: An Integrated Approach edited by Ugur DEMIRAY & N. Serdar SEVER(2009) (Anadolu University-2009 Eskisehir-Turkey.ISBN 978-975-98590-6-0)(May, 2009)

“Globalization and Africa: A View from Below” a chapter in K. R Gupta(edited) Liberalisation and Globalisation of Indian Economy, Vol. VII(New Delhi, Atlantic 2008)

"Democratization Process and Good Governance In Nigeria: An Essay in Honor of Professor Olajide Aluko" a chapter in "Nigeria in Global Politics: 20th Century and Beyond. Essays in Honor of Professor Olajide Aluko (edited by Prof. Olayiwola Abegunrin & Soji Akomolafe(2006)(New York:Nova Publ.)

"Africa's Triple Dilemma: The State, Democratization and the Challenges of Globalization",

Globalization 4.2.(2004)

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Notable Fulbright Alumni: Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulbright_Program


Famous Political Scientist: List of Top Political Scientist #53 of Top 597: http://www.ranker.com/list/notable-political-scientist_s)/reference?


Top Male Political Scientist :48 of top 520: http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-male-political-scientists/reference?



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Africa In Depth

In the NEWS:

Participated in an hour-long discussion about “Nigeria: Elections and Challenge” aired on China Radio International in June. Hosted by Qinduo Xu, the program was part of the station’s flagship news chat show titled “Today on Beyond Beijing.” The discussion covered the general elections, prospects of the new government in Nigeria, election-related violence resulting in 800 deaths, prospects of the new cabinet concerning national reconciliation and development and their implications to other African countries. To listen or to download the broadcast go to http://english.cri.cn/8706/2011/06/06/2861s641238.htm


 Interviewed on the Nigerian Crisis on the Evening Edition of NewsTalk 93 FM in Kingston Jamaica March 11th,2010.-http://www.newstalk.com.jm/  Interviewed on the Evening Edition, a radio discussion program in Kingston,Jamaica, with host Lloyd D'Aguilar, on, Wednesday, January 20, at 6:45 - 7:00m (EST), 2010, on the recent ethnic & religious violence in Jos, Nigeria and the Christmas day terrorist -www.newstalk93fm.com. Others: Was Interviewed on July 22nd on the impact of President Obama’s first visit to Africa, on Adaba Radio (Akure, Nigeria).

Also a guest on The Evening Edition, a Newstalk93fm radio discussion program in Kingston, Jamaica, with hosts Prudence Kidd Deans & Garnett Roper July 30th, 2009(7.45pm. EST)to discuss the civil unrest in Northern Nigeria and the background to the violence between Nigerian Islamists and Nigerian security forces.Live Stream on www.newstalk93fm.com.

 Interview on New York My 9-Channel 9 TV on August 26, 2009 on “Terrorism and the anniversary of 9/11”

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World Class faculty @ FDU-Prof. B.A Ojo

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Blogging On President Obama

Obama's Foreign Policy in Africa

Other Activities:

Currently working on :

"Globalization & Terrorism: Understanding the Global Transformation of Terror"

SWAPO & CONTEMPORARY NAMIBIA: The State, Politics & Democratic Consolidation in Africa's Last Colony

"E- Learning and the Global Divide: The Challenges Facing Distance Education In Africa"


Research Project:

"Insiders, Outsiders and Strangers: Understanding the Impact of Cultural Globalization In Africa"

Africa after 9/11: The Impact of the New War On Terrorism in Africa

Global Transformation of Terrorism



Professor Ojo contributing to a discussion on World Bank , Globalization & Africa

-US Fulbright Teaching/Research Senior Scholar 2001/ 2002.

Professor Ojo was a visiting scholar at the University of Lagos. Nigeria, He taught courses and research on democratic consolidation, globalization and comparative politics.During this period, he continued an on-going research on Consolidating Democracy In Nigeria


2002-2003/2005-2006: Prof. Ojo was a gubernatorial candidate of the People's Democratic Party(PDP)(Nigeria) in Ekiti State,Nigeria.



Scholarships/Grants for Students(Africans and those Interested in African Studies)


Professor Ojo's courses for

Fall 2011:

Geography & World Issues, Problems In International Politics(Terrorism),Africa In world affairs and International Law(Graduate)

Fall 2010:

Geography & World Issues,Problems In International Politics(Democracy & Democratization), Africa In World Affairs and Africa In World Politics (Graduate)

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011:


Fall 2009:

Geography & World Issues,Globalization & World Citizenship and Terrorism and Insurgency (Graduate)

Spring 2009:

[Geography & World Issues, Political & Economic Challenges In Africa and Colonialism,Imperialism & Dependency(Graduate)

Fall 2008:

[Geography & World Issues, Problems In International Politics and Terrorism & Political Violence

Spring 2008:

[Geography & World Issues,Human Rights In Global Environment and Africa in World Affairs]


Current Research on Globalization

excerpt from my current research on globalization


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Dr Bamidele A. Ojo

Area of Expertise: African Politics, Comparative & International Politics/Globalization/ Democratization,International Law/ Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism

You can contact me :- 201 692-2630(ojo@fdu.edu) for African Studies Minor

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