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my name is Mike Patton

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I was born in Kansas. Lived in New Jersey, DC, Mississippi, Texas, and Florida. Been to England, Scotland, Germany. I would say Canada, but not sure that counts. I would like to go to Alaska, but being a Floridian I may not be tough enough. My current job is at Kennedy Space Center, and it is true - it is cool. I work at launching unmanned rockets. Actually, I've been blessed in working at cool places. My son had an intern job at KSC last summer. That made it even cooler. I prefer to teach. I hav thought about quitting, but probably will not until son is out of college next year.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Air Force general (Lt. Gen. Ronald Kadish) in charge of the controversial U.S. national missile defense program expressed confidence on Tuesday that a critical June flight test would succeed ``barring a real stupid mistake.''

``We are doing everything we can to make it (the next flight test) successful,'' he told reporters.
``One of the things I worry about a lot is that one wire that shakes loose in the system that prevents the test from being successful. Or it's that plug, or the water molecule on the plumbing system, if you will, that gets you,'' Kadish added.
``It doesn't have to do with the fundamental design so much as the complexity of the stuff we're building -- and if you make a mistake.''