I write the code that brings the data in;

I write the code that sends the disc heads a-seekin';

I write the code that does the calculatin';

I write the code, I write the code.

Apologies to Barry Manilow, and please be assured that my code is far, far, better than my doggerel.

My full name is George Donald Purdy, Jr.; those who know me usually call me "Don."   You can call me anything but late for lunch.

As you have probably already figured out, computer programming is a large part of what I do, having coded in seven different assemblers plus ForTran, BASIC, FoCal/MUMPS, Pascal, Autologic ICL (headers, for those who know), PL/M (PL/1 for micros), C, DCL, JCL, SQL, VB, Java, UNIX Shell-scripts, and HTML (this home-page).   Put it this way, if I can get half-way decent reference manuals, or even lacking them, I will take on the programming of a corroded hunk of lead.

Of course, I range far beyond coding, and not simply into program and system design, but even further afield.   You might, as a sample, want to take a look at "Video DialTone, My Second Look."

You may also have concluded that I tend to tell bad jokes.   Wrong!   I inflict them!

Magic to do!!!

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This home page is being constructed on an Alpha running under UNIX using, in part, a system editor, EDT, to code in HTML.

This home page is not yet complete.   Check back in now and then, and see how it grows.

E-mail: purdy@alumni.fdu.edu