Awesome Face Laser
Let our team play laser-tag on your face.
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Awesome customers.

Awesome results.

Horrendous face I had. Affect me,
years of Jedi wars did. Make me
beautiful, Awesome Face Laser did.

-Yoda, Degobah System
My face was butt-ugly. Now it's not.
Now I could seriously get any chick I wanted,
and that's cool, because I totally deserve it
with my awesome personality. Thank you
Awesome Face Laser!

-John Jacob Jingleheimer, Falalalala
How Awesome is Awesome Face Laser?
Super awesome. How do I know? Because my face
looked like something out of a horror film. But
Awesome Face Laser uses laser blasting technology
used by NASA for blasting moon rocks. So I knew
I was in good hands. Thank you!

-Joan Rivers, Los Angeles

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