Welcome to Morty's Deli!



Welcome to Morty’s Delicatessen, home of the finest sandwiches west of the Mississippi! For the past 82 years, Morty’s has been serving the community with delicious food. This is the place that your grandparents ALWAYS talk about.

All of Morty’s sandwiches are made using only the freshest cold cuts and the freshest breads, which are baked in-house every morning. Our seasoned chefs are graduates of the NY Culinary Institute and offer over ten years of culinary expertise in the art of sandwich-making; we provide only the best for Morty’s customers.

Check out our full featured menu; you won’t see peanut butter and jelly! But, you will see hot pastrami, roasted turkey, and succulent roast beef! Have us cater your next gathering. We deliver to your event, or if you like, we will put one of our chefs on site to prepare your food in full view of all your guests. See the good times in our photo gallery. Stop in and visit us at in San Francisco! We are open from 5am until midnight every Sunday through Saturday and all holidays. Mention that you read this and receive a free bag of chips with your order.