Tahmel Morton

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My Resume

  1. Introduction 
  2. Background
  3. Past
  4. Events
  5. Effects
  6. Conclusion
Long ago after a long thrusday night there was a girl named Tahmel and she was very tired. Tahmel had stayed up all night writing her paper for english and still had a vocabulary and grammar log to do before she went to class. She worked and she worked but poor Tahmel took hours to write her paper. She tried working by herself she tried working with her friends she tried everything and everything was unsucessful. But finally at 3:38 Tahmel finished her work and bolted back to her room so that she could go to sleep because she had a 9:55 class called computer and computing. Tahmel woke up in the morning despite her struggle to finish her work and go to sleep and sucessfully came to class. Tahmel's class ends at 11:10 and when it has come to an end Tahmel is going to take an hour nap that she so badly deserves and than she is going to wake up at 12:20 and finish her logs so that she can go to her 12:45 class with all her her work completed. At 2 o'clock when Tahmel's english class is over Tahmel is going to be the happiest person in the world because her long day will have come to its end and she will be able to sleep until she is no longer tired and than enjoy friday night with her friends. My Final Exam