Tuition, Fees, Discounts & Financial Aid
Academic Year 2011-2012

Fees and charges are for the academic year 2011-2012 or for the specific service described, unless otherwise stated. 





Per three credit course  ($1,105 per credit)

 $ 3,315.00




Technology Fee: Part-time per academic year 

   $ 390.00

Technology Fee: Full-time  per academic year 

$ 184.00

Matriculation maintenance: per semester 

  $ 105.00

Other Fees:



Application for admission fee  

$ 40.00

Graduation fee

$ 210.00

Proficiency exam (to waive a pre-req course) 

 $ 225.00

Transcript fee 

 $ 4.00

Request issuance of a graduate certificate 


Audit Fee
(per course):



Regular fee for non-alumni (Fee equal to tuition for one credit hour)


Fee for alumni of FDU MST

$ 552.50

Financial aid, scholarships and discounts:

  • Discount for Alumni of FDU (such as an undegraduate degree, an MBA , or an MS in accounting, etc.) returning to pursue the MS in Tax degree may be available. Subject to certain eligibility requirements and restrictions, for every graduate credit taken, the University offers a $100 tuition credit. Over a 30-credit degree, this amounts to a $3,000 discount. For more information, contact Susan Brooman, Director of Graduate Recruiting and Marketing-Graduate Admissions.  201-692-2571

  • Graduates of the FDU  MST program who return to complete any of the four Graduate Tax Certificates are granted a 20% discount on any of the required courses.
  • Although sources are very limited, there are a variety of financial aid programs available to graduate and professional students, ranging from fellowships to scholarships and loan programs. For information posted on FDU web site: graduate financial aid and scholarship

All fees, tuition and charges are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University's Board of Trustees.

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