Hello, My Name is Won Hwangbo

I am a Junior in Fairleigh Dickinson University.
My major is Finance, its real fun and interesting.
I will be graduating in May of 2008.

I really love the Yankee's baseball team!!They are the best!!

Yankee's Stadium:

Yankee's 2007 Season
Yankee's Starting Lineup:

Yankee's Starting Pitchers:

  1. Mussina
  2. Pavano
  3. Pettitte
  4. Wang
  5. Igawa


American League East National League East
New York Yankees New York Mets
Boston Redsox Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles Florida Marlins
Toronoto Bluejays Philadelphia Phillies
Tampabay Devilrays Washington Nationals

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