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Fairleigh Dickinson University

Madison, NJ 07940

o        Administrative  assistant: Grethe Zarnitz... 973.443.8721

o        Office Phone: 973.443.8725

o        Fax: 973.443.8799

o        Reporters who need immediate contact call public relations at: 201.692.7032

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  • Courses Taught
    • American Government & Politics,
    • Polls and Surveys
    • Japanese Politics
    • War, Peace and Arms
    • Irregular Warfare


o        Geography and Japan’s Strategic Choices (Dulles, VA: Potomac Books [formerly Brassey’s USA], November, 2005)

o        Japan's Navy: Politics and Paradox, 1971-2000 (Boulder, CO: Lynne-Rienner Publishers, 2000), 161 pp.

o        “Menendez and Kean: National versus Local Issues in New Jersey” in Larry J. Sabato, ed. The Sixth Year Itch (Longman, 2008).

o        American Politics: Core Argument/Current Controversy, Peter J. Woolley & Albert R. Papa, eds. (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1st edition 1998), 416 pp.

o        Ibid. (second edition, 2002), 504 pp.

o        "The United States, Japan, and the Defense of Democratic States in the Western Pacific" in Saving Democracies: U.S. Intervention in Threatened Democratic States, Anthony James Joes, ed. (Praeger Publishers, 1999), pp. 144-165.

o        …in addition to articles on U.S. foreign policy and strategy, Japan, public opinion and polling as well as essays and reviews in Strategic Review, The Naval War College Review, Conflict Quarterly, The Journal of East and West Studies, Asian Survey, The Japan Times, The Common Review, Survey Practice, The Polling Report and, everyone’s favorite, The Journal of Irreproducible Results.

o        Students please read this.

o        See also various scratchings about campaigns and elections in New Jersey and the nation at

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  • Biographical Sketch

Peter J. Woolley is Professor of Comparative Politics at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Executive Director of PublicMind, the university’s independent opinion research center. PublicMind conducts survey research in New Jersey and nationally on politics, society, popular culture, consumer and economic trends (

Woolley is co-editor of American Politics: Core Argument/Current Controversy (Prentice-Hall, second ed., 2002), author of two books on Japan's defense policies, and a contributor to many professional journals including Strategic Review, The Naval War College Review, Conflict Quarterly, The Journal of East and West Studies, Asian Survey and The Common Review.

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